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A Kingsmill Wedding-From Planning to Perfection

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There’s a scrapbook in Lyn Grigsby’s office which has grown over the years. Officially, Grigsby is the professional bridal consultant at Kingsmill Resort & Spa, although she simply refers to herself as the Wedding Planner.

Her scrapbook is full of thank you notes from happy brides who write, “I don’t honestly think I could have done it without you,” and “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t thank you enough.” Gestures like these are one of the main reasons Grigsby started planning weddings ten years ago. She says it’s always been a rewarding job.

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“We’ll work with you.”

The Kingsmill name is synonymous with luxury and quality. And to most people, those words are synonymous with expensive. However, a Kingsmill wedding is not as expensive as most people think. “Really, we’re reasonably priced,” said Grigsby. “People think they have to spend more than they can afford, but they don’t.” The resort does have minimum fees which depend on the time of year, the day of the week and other factors. But the Kingsmill price tag is all inclusive.

The minimum fee includes more than the ballroom, the food and the drinks. It includes a food and cake tasting session with the chef, any taxes and gratuity, and any other service the Kingsmill staff books for the wedding. That can include flowers, photography, and ceremony costs if the wedding is at the resort.

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“I get one shot to make one memorable moment.”

A Kingsmill wedding is exactly what the bride and groom want it to be. Grigsby and her staff take care of every detail. They can recommend any service, and grant any bridal wish. Over the years, brides have asked for fireworks, ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, a photo booth and a live cigar roller to work during the wedding. All of those requests were fulfilled.

Grigsby once timed sparklers around the dance floor to light at the exact moment when the groom dipped the bride. “Do something the guests can remember,” said Grigsby. “None of our weddings are the same, they are all completely customized.”

Sometimes the requests are more subtle. The flowers, the settings and the linens have near limitless options. The Kingsmill wedding planners can also help you hire great florists, photographers and musicians. “I always joke-we can take care of everything except the dress,” says Grigsby.

“…At your service.”

Kingsmill can host any part of the wedding process! Out-of-towners can stay in Kingsmill Resort & Spa’s luxurious guestrooms or villas. The groom’s family can host the rehearsal dinner at any of Kingsmill’s restaurants. The groom and his friends can spend a day on one of three championship golf courses, including the River Course which is an LPGA tour stop. On the wedding day, the bride and her bridesmaids can get spa treatments, manicures, and elegant hairstyling and professional make-up application in the salon.

The couple can exchange wedding vows near the romantic and historic James River, and then head into one of Kingsmill’s two beautiful ballrooms for the reception.

As for the wedding night, newlyweds enjoy a complimentary villa overlooking the James River. It may sound like a lot to organize, but Grigsby makes nearly all of the arrangements. “From the time we initially meet them all the way to fruition? we remain at your service,” she said.

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“It’s very personal.”

It takes time to plan a wedding, and it’s Grigsby’s philosophy to take the time to satisfy her brides and grooms. She’s available for any questions. She’s at all of the meetings. She goes to every reception with two other members of the wedding planning team and makes sure all of the details are in order. It’s not surprising that many couples start to think of her as a friend!

“It’s very personal. People send me Christmas cards and often times let me know when exciting things happen in their lives, such buying a house or having a baby.” After all, weddings are the most personal of moments, and Grigsby makes sure Kingsmill weddings are the most memorable of all. You can expect every detail to be tailored to your preferences, but you won’t have to worry about those details thanks to Grigsby.

When it’s over, you may even be tempted to write her a thank you note.

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