How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

What is a photograph?

A photograph is ageless.
A photograph can tell a story in a single glance.
A photograph can evoke a vast array of emotions.
A photograph can bring a lost memory to life.
A photograph brings joy.

Would you want your romantic Williamsburg wedding photographs to be anything less? Your wedding album represents the first day of your new life together, right there in a book for you to open, share and relive forever.

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When should you choose your photographer?

You should start looking for a wedding photographer immediately after you have finalized the details of where, when and what time your wedding ceremony and reception will take place. You cannot book a photographer too early! Make sure it’s on the top of your wedding planning list.

How do you choose your photographer?

A referral is probably the best way to start. Your friends will be happy to share their photographer’s name with you if they had a great experience. Bridal shows in Williamsburg also offer an opportunity to preview others. When you look at a photographer’s work, can you picture yourself on your wedding day? Ask about their photography style and how they go about capturing those images throughout the day.

Your photographer’s personality should mesh with yours. From the time you’re putting on your shoes, veil and cufflinks to the last waves goodbye, who will be there with you? Your wedding photographer! Do yourself a great service by making sure that person is someone you like to be around.

Is price important? Of course! Should it be the total basis for your decision? No! Check out other photographers and know what you are getting for your money.

Remember to ask questions such as:

  • Will there be any extra costs?
  • What styles of albums are offered?
  • Are any discounts available to me?
  • What is the hourly charge for additional wedding day coverage?
  • How are the preview images presented? Are these mine to keep?
  • Can I post the images online?
  • Are CD images available for purchase?
  • Can I have prints made?

Wedding photographers understand that there are many questions that you won’t know to ask. Talk to your friends about their wedding photographer and be observant when you attend weddings. Know what it is you like and don’t like!

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Who should be your photographer?

Someone you can trust and whose advice you know you can rely on. Someone with your best interest at heart, and not their own agenda. Someone you can relate to and be yourself with. Someone you can have fun with! Spend a little time with potential photographers.

Give them a call and visit their studio. Look through their samples and get to know them. What have you got to lose? Use your intuition to determine if this person is right for you. Be prepared to make a decision and place a deposit.

A photographer’s calendar can fill quickly, especially with popular Williamsburg wedding dates. If your gut tells you the photographer would be a good match, then go for it!

Make sure the photographer you choose:

  • Will listen to you and follow through
  • Will be unobtrusive
  • Will capture your day, not create it
  • Will not drag you away from your guests for a photo opportunity
  • Will help you in any way they can during the day
  • Will capture your personality
  • Will capture the sentimental moments
  • Will always be upbeat
  • Won’t forget the kids
  • Won’t forget that the guests are important
  • Will make a positive impression

You’ve done a great job when you can look through your wedding album and see the nervousness in your groom’s smile before the ceremony, or the tears in your dad’s eyes as he sees you in your wedding gown for the first time. The smiles and laughter captured on your friends and family’s faces as you head off on your honeymoon let you know that you chose your photographer wisely!

Content provided by Ann Bradshaw of Say Cheeez! Photography

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