To Smoosh or Not To Smoosh: Cake in The Face at Your Williamsburg Wedding

Your big day is finally here! You’ve said your I do’s, indulged in some delicious food and drinks, and now everyone’s cutting a rug on the dance floor. There’s only one big part of the night left: it’s time to bring out the cake.

close up of bride and groom lifting a very poorly cut piece of cake

Your beautiful 6-tier vanilla cake looks too perfect to eat, but alas, it’s time to dig in. Everyone is ready for the traditional cake cutting portion of the wedding ceremony. You cut the cake, and you’re about to feed your partner-but now the big question arises: To smoosh or not smoosh? Do you gently feed each other or take the other route and smash it all over each other’s faces?

Let Them Throw Cake

Most likely, you will have talked this over with your significant other beforehand. However, sometimes the decision to smoosh can be completely spontaneous-which makes it more fun! Here one groom explains his experience: “We had a small wedding and during the event we were both reserved. Then the cake cutting time came and something clicked. Handfuls of cake went through the air and onto both of our faces. All of our guests roared with laughter and we got the best action filled snapshot!”

bride smooshing cake into groom's face while laughing

However, some grooms might find themselves sleeping on the pull out couch during the honeymoon. One bride mentioned, “He smeared raspberry cake and icing all over my face! I could have killed him after the fortune I spent on my makeup!” Another bride didn’t mind the smoosh, saying, “He smashed a little bit of cake on my nose and kissed it off; everyone thought it was cute!”

Occasionally things can get out of hand when couples start smashing the intricately decorated dessert into the face of their beloved. For others, it’s the cherry on top of a perfect day.

Just Desserts

So, to smoosh or not to smoosh? It really depends upon the couple. Not following the “rules” is what makes the cake-cutting unforgettable. This ritual can turn into an entertaining affair with teasing, laughter and affections shared between the newlyweds. It’s your big day, so you decide what feels right at that moment!

Whether you tell your sweetheart to “not even think about it” or decide to be spontaneous, have fun with it. This age-old ritual of cutting the cake will be a memory to last you a lifetime.

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