Fun & Unique Wedding Cake Alternatives

Thinking you have to go traditional when it comes to your wedding cake? No way!

Maybe your guests have special dietary needs. Maybe you don’t like cake. Or maybe you just want to do something fun and original! Whatever the reason, these are some fun dessert alternatives to the traditional wedding cake that might be perfect for your special day.

Fun Alternatives

brownie topped with whipped cream & sprinkles garnished with whole strawberries


Whether you go with stacked layers of brownies, chocolate truffles, chocolate-dipped fruit or a flowing chocolate fountain, this wedding cake replacement is a chocolate-lover’s dream. And just imagine how fun it could get when it comes time for the bride to feed the groom!


We’re seeing wedding cupcakes become increasingly popular every year. They can be frosted and arranged beautifully to match your wedding theme and colors. Your caterer can also personalize each one with a special flower, candy, wedding rings, monogram, you name it!


Arrange delicious cookies of every kind into a unique display and have them adorned with flowers and icing to match your theme. You won’t believe how elegant cookies can be!


Many pie-lovers cringe at the thought of a wedding cake dessert. So why not go with pie instead? You can opt for one giant pie or go with a layered arrangement of smaller pies. Talk with your caterer about your options, and be creative!


These can be stacked up in a variety of ways and decorated as easily as any wedding cake. Plus, since everyone has different tastes, you can ensure there is a flavor to satisfy every guest!

Creme Puffs

Whether you dress them up with fresh flowers, drizzled chocolate, powdered sugar or fresh berries, these melt-in-your-mouth treats are sure to please. Stack them up for a truly irresistible wedding cake alternative!

Ice Cream

Don’t cake and ice cream often go hand in hand? At your wedding, you can opt to replace the traditional wedding cake dessert with ice cream! Have a layered ice cream cake or go with an assortment of flavors in cones. Use your imagination!

Totally Unique Alternatives

fortune cookies on a black background

Fortune Cookies

Stack these up for a truly unique wedding cake alternative. You can have each one filled with a fortune for your guests or a fun phrase to remember your wedding!


This French dessert, pronounced [kroh-kuhm-BOOSH], is a pyramid-shaped wedding cake alternative made of tiny cream puffs coated with crunchy caramel. Croquembouche literally means “crisp in mouth” and can be ornately decorated to match any wedding theme.


A stacked arrangement of shot glasses is an especially fun alternative for the bar-hopping bride and groom. Fill the glasses with alcohol, dessert or both!


For a tropical-themed wedding, fresh coconut in an elegant arrangement works beautifully in place of a traditional cake. Drizzle some chocolate, top with hibiscus flowers, and voila!

Cowboy Hat

This is an original idea for the country couple! Place a bowl inside an old cowboy hat and fill with your favorite dessert. Top the brim and dessert display with fresh flowers, and you will have an alternative wedding cake as well as a fun centerpiece for your wedding!

Healthy Alternatives

fried apples served with vanilla ice cream


This works great for a fall-themed wedding. Arrange the apples in layers, and top with silk apple blossoms or your theme flowers. For an added treat, position some caramel-coated apple wedges throughout the display.


Instead of a sugar-packed, frosting-plastered designer wedding cake, why not offer a healthy fruit display as an alternative? If you stack fresh berries on top of layers of gourmet cheese, you will have a savory dessert and you can still incorporate the cake cutting tradition!


Fill wine glasses with different flavors of yogurt and top with fresh fruit and flowers for a truly decadent dessert alternative. Arrange the glasses in tiers, and you’ll see how beautiful yogurt can be!


Believe it or not, there are many organic options for wedding cakes. Caterers might incorporate spelt flour instead of refined white flour, carob in place of chocolate and other organic replacements. Ask around at local caterers, and see who offers organic wedding cakes!

Here’s a tip: Looking to save money on a traditional wedding cake? Do a dummy cake! Your caterer will likely charge less to decorate a real-looking cake rather than the real thing. In the kitchen, have your reception servers cut up a sheet cake to serve the guests. No one will know the difference!

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