Bridal Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day

Looking for bridal hairstyles that will make you look stunning on your wedding day? Depending on the texture, length and body of your hair, you should be able to find the hairstyle that will make you say “That’s the one!”

Ready to get started? Below are a few of our favorite bridal hairstyles with pictures. From elegant updo’s to long flowing strands, we’ll help you find your favorite!

Bridal Updo’s

Updo’s can be sleek and elegant with straight lines and slick parts, or they can be soft and loose with elegant curls. Here are a few of our favorite variations of the bridal updo.

Low Bun

Close up of bride's hair & makeup from above

Romance meets elegance with this movie-star-inspired updo. Part your hair in the middle, to the side, or forget parting it altogether and comb it back. You can have a tight and secure low bun, or try a loose variation with strands dancing around your face. Dress it up with flowers or hair pins. This works beautifully for hair of all thickness and texture, and is especially beautiful for brides with long hair.

Traditional Updo

Bride with hair worn up and wrapped around a tiara

A timeless hairstyle that flatters nearly every face shape. Show off your highlights (natural or not!) when you part your hair on the side and pull it up into a bun, curly cluster or french twist. This is the perfect option for brides with very thin or fine hair as well as those with long, thick hair. It’s a style that works for just about anyone with any length veil. Accessorize with a sparkly headband or eye-catching earrings.

Volume Updo

Bride with hair worn up with loose tendrils framing her face

Though the popularity of the beehive hairstyle has long faded, many brides look absolutely gorgeous in an updo with lots of volume on top. Every piece of hair is sculpted perfectly into place with a sweeping side part and lots of height. This hairstyle works best for thick or course hair. To keep your hair looking soft, avoid using too much hairspray. A tiara or hair decoration is a must for this sophisticated ‘do!

Half-Up Hairstyles

Looking for a beautiful hairstyle to wear your hair partially up on your wedding day? Half-up hairstyles are incredibly beautiful! Check out these hairdo’s for ideas.

Short And Sweet

Smiling bride with curly, short hair

Who needs hair extensions when you have beautiful, short hair? Add a little styling mousse and work through your hair to prep it for styling. Pull the front pieces back in a headband, small clips or bobby pins. This lovely style works great for short hairstyles of all different types and textures. Soft flowers and big, bold earrings make this wedding hairdo simply stunning!

All Curls

Bride with long curled hair

Go curly! Whether it’s completely natural or the work of a curling iron, bouncy curls are irresistible for many brides. Have your hairstylist pull half of your curls up into a clip (thin hair) or a high bun (thick hair) with some strands hanging down. Be sure to pick out a few curls from the top to drape around your face too. This style can be parted in the middle or on the side, depending on your face shape.

Swept Away

Bride with long, straight hair pulled back into a half ponytail

Long, flowing hair is beautiful with soft curls pulled half up into a clip. We love the whimsical look of this romantic hairstyle! For thick hair, add volume in the front by pushing the hair slightly forward before clipping. For fine hair, twist the sides of your hair back away from your face and hold in place with bobby pins. Add flowers to your hair for even more elegance.

Loose Styles

Let your hair down on your wedding day! Many brides opt for the very hair style their partner has fallen in love with over the years: their natural look! Here are a few of our favorite styles for leaving your hair down on your wedding day.

Polished Release

Bride with long, black hair with loose waves

Get a fresh trim before the big day, and let your hair display its natural beauty for all to see-unrestrained by clips, combs and bobby pins! Curl the ends to give your hair a finished look, spray lightly with hairspray and voila. You can even add a simple headband and fancy earrings to dress it up a little without losing the simplicity of this beautiful style.

100% Natural

Blonde bride with beachy waves

Forget all the glitz and glam and let your hair be free on your wedding day. Free to drape over your shoulders, free to fly in the wind, free to slip between your sweetheart’s fingers! Wear a crown of wildflowers, or tie ribbons in your hair for added elegance. Who says you need hairspray to have beautiful hair on your wedding day?

Here’s a tip: Wash your hair a night or two before the wedding to make your hair more manageable when styling. Wear a button-down shirt to your hair appointment to ensure you don’t ruin your perfect wedding hairstyle when undressing.

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