Avoid Wedding Wear Woes With Advice From The Experts

Picking what you’ll wear on your big day is a daunting task for women and men. Make your concerns about your wedding attire vanish with these tips:

Wedding Gowns

Fashion trends have certainly changed and so have wedding gowns. Discover advice on age-appropriate dresses and more below!

Older Brides

Q: What is an appropriate wedding gown for an older bride?

A: In this era, many brides are getting married older. Montage by Mon Cheri and Rina DiMontella have great styles for more mature brides. Looking for something a bit less bridal or something you can wear again? Consider checking out cocktail and evening gowns, but be mindful of department stores if you don’t want a friend showing up with the same dress on. Try soft colors like; ivory, steel-blue, and light-gray or whatever color flatters you best.

Fits Like A Glove

Q: I am a plus-size bride. I bought the perfect dress, but it is a little form fitting. What can I do to ensure I can wear this dress on my wedding day?

A: Congratulations on finding the perfect dress! If you have not found the perfect seamstress for alterations, now is the time to do so. It’s also a good time to make sure you have an outlet for any extra stress like taking a walk, enjoying a bath, or listening to music. Many brides find themselves stress eating which can lead to crash dieting before the wedding. Crash dieting is not just unhealthy, but it also leaves you cranky & tired which can keep fueling the fire. If you plan on losing any weight before the wedding, talk to your seamstress (and your doctor!) and make sure they’re aware so you don’t have any surprise alteration bills.

Jazzing Up White

Q: I’m a bride who thinks outside the box. I want to wear a white dress at my wedding, but I want to spruce it up, any suggestions?

A: To spruce up your wedding dress consider the accessories. You could add beaded flowers in your hair, beautiful jewelry that would complement your dress or shoes that match your wedding colors instead of white. If you are still not satisfied, take your dress to a seamstress and have them add beads, rhinestones, crystals shells or lace to your dress to give it another look.



Fascinators, blushers, cathedral length, no veil – with so many options to choose from, selecting a veil can be overwhelming. Check out these veil tips:

Veil Placement

Q: I’m not sure about my hairstyle, but I’m wondering… for an updo, does the veil go above or below your bun? With my hair down, can I still wear a veil? If so, how do I make it stay in without falling out? Also, is it old fashioned to wear a blusher veil over your face?

A: For an updo hairstyle, the veil will go under your bun. Your hair stylist will be able to secure this to your hair using the combs that are attached to the veil. If you decide to wear your hair down, you can still wear a veil. Stylists use various techniques to secure the veil to the hair, like a small pony tail or pin curl. Some brides find it “old fashioned” to wear a blusher over their face and many opt not to wear a veil at all, but I say if you like it, wear it. There is nothing wrong with incorporating “old fashioned” customs into your modern day wedding.

Taking Off The Veil

Q: When does the bride take off her veil?


A: The bride can remove her veil after the ceremony, however they can keep it on if they prefer. Another option is to replace the veil with a tiara or a flower. They can also change it to a shorter veil for the reception if they wore a long one for the ceremony.



Learn more about makeup, skin care and wellness so you feel absolutely beautiful on your wedding day.

Bright Eyed Bride

Q: I’m getting married soon and I want to avoid puffy eyes the day of my wedding. Any suggestions?

A: There are several things you can do to make sure your eyes look great on your big day. The biggest thing is getting enough sound sleep in the days leading up to the wedding. Avoid partying or heavy drinking the night before and stay away from high sodium foods. If you suffer from allergies, make sure to take an anti-histamine.

Working Out While Wedding Planning

Q: How do I workout and still stay on track planning my wedding?

A: Consider changing your routine to something shorter but with the same impact like HIIT cardio, compound lifts, or even crossfit if that’s your style. If you find yourself truly strapped for time, walk while you plan – make phone calls with vendors as you walk or hash out details with your future spouse while you hit the pavement. You can also add in dance classes for the two of you which boasts the added benefit of learning a step for the reception.

Booking A Makeup Artist

Q: How far in advance do I need to reserve a makeup artist for my wedding day?

A: You should reserve your makeup artist 3-6 months before your wedding day. Makeup artists book up really fast and usually do only 1-2 weddings a day. The earlier you reserve him/her the better. This will also give your skin time to adjust to the makeup. This is especially important for people with sensitive skin. Sometimes even “chemical free” and “sensitive skin” products can cause an unexpected reaction. With months before your wedding day, you will be able to treat a reaction and have time to switch makeup or makeup artist if needed.


Grooms, Groomsmen & Ushers

Unfortunately things are as easy as renting a tuxedo or buying a suit for men. Here is some advice on the groom & groomsmen attire.

To Button Or Not To Button – That Is The Question

Q: Should my fiancé button up his tux during the ceremony?

A:If he is sitting down he can leave his tux unbuttoned. This will minimize wrinkles. If he gets up to dance, or take photos, buttoned up is more formal.

Men In Uniform

Q: I’m having a military wedding. What should the groom and his groomsmen wear?

A: Many men serving in the military opt to wear their full dress uniform when they get married. If a groom opts to wear his uniform, groomsmen who serve should also wear theirs. Should the groom select to wear a tuxedo or suit, the groomsmen & ushers should do the same. There can be exceptions when the groom wants to wear his uniform and wants everyone else to wear their tuxedos. Either of these options are acceptable.

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