Wedding Invitation Frequently Asked Questions

When should I mail out invitations? Do I have to give my friend a plus one? How do I handle RSVPs? These are only a few questions surrounding wedding invitations. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about invitations from our readers below:

Who Gets Invitations?

Q: Besides family and friends, who should receive wedding invitations?

A: In addition to family and friends, your attendants should receive wedding invitations and their parents. It is also appropriate to give invitations to children over 16 years of age and the officiant and his/her spouse.

Plus Ones

Q: Do I have to give everyone a plus one?

A: The standard rule is to invite any spouses of friends and family on your guest list. Those in serious relationships should be allowed to bring their significant other as well, but use your best judgment based on your relationship with the guest. For your single friends and family, if it’s in your budget to allow dates, it is a nice courtesy but not a requirement.

Ordering Invitations

A: You should order your invitations as soon as the style and date of your wedding has been determined. Give yourself enough time to address all the envelopes or inquire with the invitation company can they address the envelopes for you. This can cost anywhere from $1.00–$3.00 per envelope but can save you time.

How Many To Order

Q: I am inviting 200 people to my wedding, how many invitations should I order?

A: Always order at least 25 extra just in case you make a mistake or you forgot someone. This will also save you from having to pay the reprint fees. (225+ invitations)

Mail Out Timing

Q: When Should I Mail my Wedding Invitations?

A: Traditionally you should mail your invitations 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. For destination weddings, give guests more time so they can make travel arrangements.

RSVP Cut-Off Date

Q: When should I make the RSVP by date?

A: Two to three weeks before the wedding allows you enough time to report final numbers to the correct vendor and make your seating chart. For those who do not respond on time, see our Etiquette Advice page for tips on following-up.

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