Ask The Wedding Planner: Advice For Planning Your Big Day

As you plan your wedding a lot of questions will pop up. Of course you’ll ask friends and family for advice, but sometimes you need to ask a third-party. Wedding planners and experts from the Williamsburg area have answered your reader questions on everything from attire to managing envious friends.

Wedding Etiquette

Manners and proper etiquette have certainly changed since your parents’ and grandparents’ generations started getting married. The Etiquette Advice Guide covers topics like announcements, your guest list and managing relationships.

Wedding Traditions

Some couples choose to keep things very traditional at their weddings while others opt for adding as much personal flair as possible. From ring bearers to bridal showers and even eloping, we answered your questions about wedding-related traditions.

Budget Advice

Managing your budget can be stressful. Awkward conversations over family contributions and disagreements on where to allocate funds are never fun. Ease your mind with advice on managing funds from the experts.

Wedding Invitation Tips

You want to spend your wedding day surrounded by friends and family. Our Invitation Tips will help make that happen with advice on timing, RSVPs and more.

Reception Recommendations

Make sure your wedding reception is a celebration to remember. Nail the details from food to music with these reception recommendations from the experts!

Wedding Wear Woes

Don’t let wedding attire questions get you stressed! Find out where to place your veil, who should wear military uniforms and more in our Wedding Attire Advice Guide.