Williamsburg Limos & Horse Drawn Carriages

There are various options that you can choose for your wedding limousine. The standard limousine is still the most popular choice, even though the options have expanded drastically. The standard limousine remains practical, because it is sufficiently large and open and can accommodate any size wedding gown! For additional fees, limousines get bigger such as the stretch limousine. For increased additional fees, limousines get specific such as the SUV limousine or the Hummer limousine.


If you want to get a little more creative, you can choose to rent a car that symbolizes your personality as a couple. There are luxury cars, sports cars and even vintage vehicles that you can rent for your special occasion.

The very popular horse drawn carriage is a wonderful option if your ceremony and reception sites are fairly close together. Weather is a factor in this decision, but if the rain holds off, this is a romantic and special form of transportation - especially in Williamsburg, Virginia!