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Exes that are Friends
Cell Phone Etiquette
To Button or Not to Button
Bridal Shower Duties
+1 Gift Protocol
Teetotaler Tables
Bright Eyed Bride
Honeymoon After Vow Renewal?
Too Many Bridesmaids...
Wedding Registry Etiquette
Military Wedding
Groom's Cake Question
Family Can't Attend Wedding
Jealous Friend
Receiving Lines
What is an Appropriate Wedding Gown for an Older Bride?
Reception Songs
Taking Off the Veil
Gift from Bridesmaids
Working Out
Should my ex-wife ride with my daughter and I to our daughter's wedding?
How should I handle "food allergies" at my reception?
I am picking my ceremony music, what is traditionally played during the ceremony.
My friends are asking me if I registered, but I have been to several weddings and the guests say they do not use the registry. Do you recommend registering?
My mom says we can save money by purchasing our linens, chair cover and sashes instead of renting them. Do you have any advice on this?
What is a specialty drink?
I am a bride, my fiance is in the Navy and we are having a military wedding.
My Father is alive but not present in my life.
I'm attending a Bridal Show for the first time. Is there anything I can bring to make my experience more informative and enjoyable?
What is the duty of an Officiant /Celebrant?
Should my fiance give gifts to the groomsmen on our wedding day?
At most weddings a ring bearer carries the ring on a pillow. Is that traditional, or can I use something else?
What can we expect to see for weddings in 2008-2009?
Are flowers the only way to accent a wedding?
How do you keep wedding cakes fresh after the first year?
My finance' and I cannot agree on who should pay for the wedding.
Where to wear the veil?
I'm getting married next Saturday, and one thing I do not want is cell phones ringing during the ceremony.
I am a plus-size bride.
I have vegetarian family members and I want to accommodate them at the reception dinner. I also want meat at my reception; how do I get what I want and at the same time provide my guests with what they want?
I'm a bride who thinks outside the box. I want to wear a white dress at my wedding, but I want to spruce it up, any suggestions?
I'm 45 years old, and I'm getting married for the first time. What would be proper wedding etiquette for my age?
How do you know if the reception site you've chosen is right for you?
What are the Traditional Expenses for my Attendants?
Besides family and friends, who should receive wedding invitations?
If I send a Thank you card, should I send a written note as well?
When do I mail my Wedding Announcements?
What is the purpose of At Home Cards?
What do I do if my Guests Don't RSVP?
When Should I Mail my Wedding Invitations?
Is it Possible to Plan a Nice Wedding on a $5,000 Budget?
My family likes to drink and party. I am concerned that if I serve alcohol at my reception they might over consume. However, my fiancé says he wants to have alcohol anyway. Do you have any suggestions?
My Parents are Divorced and do not get Along Very Well. I am Very Close to Both of Them and Want to Know Where Should They sit During the Wedding Ceremony?
How Far in Advance do I Need to Reserve a Makeup Artist for my Wedding Day?
Is it Possible to Have a Cocktail Reception? If So, What Types Of Foods Would You Serve?
Is an Elopement Always a Secret, or Can we Tell People We Plan on Having a Small Ceremony With Just The Two Of Us?
We are Having Trouble With Our Reception Seating Arrangements. Have You Ever Heard of Letting People Seat Themselves?
I was wondering if it is proper etiquette (or have you ever heard of anyone) to have a wedding without a reception?
Can you hire a wedding planner by the hour?
What are some of the best places for 2 people to be married in Williamsburg with no guests just the bride and groom?
What is the Average Price of a Wedding Photographer in Williamsburg?
I am getting married for the 2nd time and am working on a limited budget. What are some ways to save money?
When Should I Order My Wedding Invitations?
What is the average price of a wedding?
What are the benefits of using a wedding planner?
My family and the Grooms family are dividing up costs for the wedding. Traditionally what does the Grooms family pay for?
I am inviting 200 people to my wedding, how many invitations should I order?
I am meeting with a caterer and want to know if there are any additional fees I should look out for?